Parallel universe – The beginning !

ht31 enuj , 2020

It was a beautiful morning in Delhi. Birds chirping , cool breeze and cloudy skies. Suddenly the weather turned turbulent. Birds started falling from the sky. Dogs started barking. Scared and confused people started rushing back to their homes. In few minutes, everything came to a standstill. My clock started acting weird. It started going backwards. My room filled with darkness and a girl around the age of early 20’s appeared in front of me. I was so terrified that i started sweating profusely. She started speaking in a very low voice.


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Ih, ami morf yklim yaw ! ym eman si hsetan ! esaelp pleh em !

Already terrified me, couldn’t understand anything. I started wondering, which language it could be. Yeah, i also watch Netflix series in many languages but it was nowhere near them.

esaelp pleh em ! tihor dna irkahc stnaw ot llik em !

I still couldn’t understand anything. I said, okay i will try to help you. she said, “sknaht” and joined her hands in a reverse manner. At that point of time i thought, is she trying to thank me ? Oh yes, i cracked it. She is speaking in reverse English. I told her to repeat whatever she said and grabbed a notepad. She started repeating and i started writing but i was not able to see anything on the notepad. I told her to speak slowly so i can reverse the words and understand what she is saying. She was saying, “Hi, i am from milky way! My name is Natesh ! Please help me ! Rohit and Chakri are going to kill me ! I was shocked! How does she know the names of my best friends? Why are they going to kill her? Why her name is Natesh? I started losing my mind. I took few deep breaths and tried to analyze all the things. Few days back i heard that scientists got some evidence of parallel universe. Once this news came into my mind, everything started fitting in. She was from galaxy yklim yaw. She is a female with name hsetan. My best friends want to kill her.
To confirm i asked her, tahw si ruoy ega?
She said 32.
My age is 23 and i confirmed that she is from a parallel universe where everything is happening in reverse. Suddenly the room filled with light and she disappeared. The clock read 6 AM. Does that mean while she was here, time was going backwards or i was dreaming again ? Everything came to normal, but the notepad read “Ih, ami morf yklim yaw” !


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Too many questions and confusions. Stay tuned while i dig deeper into science behind it.
To be continued…….! Tik tok, kit kot !

Until then enjoy this beautiful soundtrack :

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A glass of water for you is a diamond for them !

Diamond :


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Google Home : Wake up ! It’s 6 in the morning.
You : Okay Google. Turn off the AC. Prepare the morning routine for today.
Google Home : Preparing morning routine for you ! First take a shower and get ready for office.
You : Okay Google. I am ready for office , please go into sleep mode till 6 in the evening.

Ah , belly is making noises. Let’s make bread and eggs. Yummy!
Where is my orange juice ?
There it is, chilled and tasty !

Hello, Ola 6334? Sir, please come fast, i am getting late for office.

You reach office and start working. You drink tea in the breaks and have Biryani for lunch. Such a beautiful life you are living. Let’s see the other side of the story.

A glass of water :


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Uff ! why the weather is so hot. I am so hungry. No work also after this lock-down. Thank god my child is still sleeping, otherwise he will cry. I have an urge of eating from the waste in the dustbin thrown by privileged people, but it’s disgusting. Oh, my child woke up full of happiness unaware of the fact that his life is no more than a punishment.

She however unbuttons her blouse and starts feeding her child. She is losing the essentials nutrients in her body. After feeding , she is inflating the balloons to sell in the streets. She picks up her child in one hand , the balloons in the other and goes out on the roads.

It’s time. The lead from the story “diamond” meets the lead from the story “A glass of water”.

She is out on the roads to sell her balloons. Slowly, silence of the morning turns into honks, shouts and pollution. Suddenly she comes in front of Ola 6334. You pull down the car shades and shout at her because you are getting late for office. The child smiles at you unaware of the fact that you are abusing his mother.

I am not comparing rich to the poor, neither i am here to comment that why their life is like this. All i want to say is be a little generous and kind to the people who are in need in these difficult times. A glass of water to a person in need is enough. After all, a glass of water for you is a diamond for them !

Watch this beautiful video and make this world a better place. Every effort counts, no matter how small it is !

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Nature bounces back !

In the beginning it was visible from space . As the disease and lock-down spread the sky above our heads and air in our lungs became clear . So many people died till now but nature started breathing more easily . There has been great fall in levels of carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide in air reducing the risk of asthma and other lung diseases.


Apparently Himalayas could be seen from different parts of India ( copyrights : Getty )



Empty streets in Brussels ( copyrights : Jonathan Raa/NurPhoto via Getty )



Daily life in Venice , Italy ( copyrights : Giacomo Cosua—NurPhoto via Getty Images )



Coyotes found near golden gate bridge of San Francisco ( copyrights : Shannon Stapleton/Reuters )


So after lock-downs are lifted be responsible and take care of your nature . Nature won’t cure itself always . Till then stay home , stay safe and listen to this beautiful soundtrack from Lil Dicky !


We love the Earth, it is our planet !
We love the Earth, it is our home !

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Boom !


April , 2020 , 9AM
Ah ! it’s 9AM already . Getup man , don’t be too lazy . What’s there outside my house ? let me check . What’s this machine ? Should i ignore it or go near it and check . But , why it’s outside my house ? I will go and check . Haha ! who’s toy is this…..boom!!
Hey look , it’s a baby boy . He’s so cute . He looks like you honey ! Dad , careful . Your ring is poking my bum . Uncle can you please shave your beard and come before kissing me…..boom!!
Natesh ! getup it’s 8AM and you are still sleeping . Give me 1 more hour mom, anyways it’s weekend…..boom!!
Bro , show me the last question . I will pass this semester . I will be forever grateful to you .Careful , just move a little bit to your left i will see . Yeah , perfect . Just stay like that for few minutes…..boom!!
mama ! dada ! Hey see , he is speaking . Say mama , mama . mama ! See he said mama first , he loves me more…..boom!!
maaaaaaaaam , she took my pencil without asking and now she’s saying that it’s her pencil . I bought it yesterday . No mam , he is lying . This is my pencil . Yesterday my dad bought it for me . I hate you . I hate you too . Okay okay , don’t fight . I will give new pencil to you Natesh , go back to your place . Go sit with Naina . Neha , you go sit with Vishal…..boom!!
How was the interview bro ? It was good . Will you get selected ? I hope so…..boom!!
Are you nervous ? No , i am fine . I studied well . After the exam i will sleep for 2 days .Physical education exam is after 5 days…..boom!!
Hare krishna Hare krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare . Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare . I come here whenever i am stressed out to get peace . You also make a habit of it . okay dad…..boom!!
Go propose her . No bro , she is a good friend of mine , what if she rejects me ? Just give it a try . How many days you will hide it from her ? Bro , she accepted . She wanted to hear it from me from so many days . See , i told ya . Thanks bro…..boom!!
A for apple , B for ball , C for cat , D for dog…..boom!!
We are going to market to buy groceries . Nandathi , take care of your brother . Didi , let’s have a challenge . Let’s go to balcony and throw crayons . The one which goes farthest , will win…..boom!!
Listen , it was just an attraction . Take it as a learning . You will find true love soon…..boom!!
You know what ? There’s ghost inside our house .It will come and…..boom!!
Team , I want that issue solved by today and please reply to that customer mail with proper RCA…..boom!!
Mom , how i came into this world ? God came and put you in my tummy…..boom!!
I am craving for momos…..boom!!
Congratulations Natesh , you are graduated…..boom!!
See , friends fight . Sorry .It will not happen again , i promise…..boom!!
Bahubali , Bahubali , Bahubali…..boom!!
Love you too…..boom!!
Let’s breakup…..boom!!
That inception ending , Just Nolan Things…..boom!!
April , 2020 , 9AM
Mom , can i have some tea ?…..boom!!

I control your life !

Wait ! Who’s controlling my life other than my girlfriend now . Hey ! it’s me , money . I am just a piece of paper and i control your life . Do you run ? oh yes , you do . You should run with dreams in your heart , not money in your pocket .


Are you happy with your life ? What’s your daily routine ? Get up , go to office , work like a donkey for 8 hours , come back home , watch your favorite show / drink beer to get over your stress , sleep and repeat the same things next day ? If this is your routine , you are in a trap . First of all stop running after money . Money can’t buy you happiness . Let me tell you a very small example . Rat traps are used to catch mice . How ? simple . Put a piece of meat or cheese in it . What is it ? Yes ! you guessed it right . A bait . Now let’s
relate this example to our lives . That bait i mentioned is money and your life is a rat trap . I am not against the people who are happy with their daily routine . I am against those who are in a trap just because they want to earn money . Now you must be wondering ? what happiness without money . I agree . I don’t want you to beg on roads after leaving the job you earned in your campus interview . But trust me , If you will work in the field you love , you will love the crop and the dish made from it will give you true happiness . Chasing money all the time will not give you anything fruitful in life.

Now you might think , money is worthless? No , only your daily needs can be fulfilled by it. But your inner needs are far away from its reach.

The point is , while accumulating money, you will reach a point when you will ask ‘what now?’. People often think that money is happiness but it is only a temporary way. So start running after peace, happiness and love . Okay , some quick tips . Learn something
new which you are interested in , be it a musical instrument or simple art . This will keep you busy and you will have something in case your company is in loss and your boss kicks you out . Don’t overthink about the future . Just give your best now . Meditate ! It might be difficult in the beginning but it can do wonders . At last i would like to say , do what you love . After all i am just a piece of paper !

I’ve been working my hands down to the bones . Where you gonna be when the money run low?
Money Run Low © Universal Music Corp., Eddie Anthony Publishing, Dover Songs NY

Never work just for money . It won’t save your soul or help you sleep at night !
© Marian Wright Edelman

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Stop Expecting ! Start Accepting !

Ever expected something from someone ? What happened ? They didn’t meet your expectations ? uh-oh ! Are you hurt ? Don’t sit and cry now. Yes ! it’s the sad reality of life.

Expectations leads to disappointments especially when you are in a relation with someone. You might be unworthy to someone but you are priceless to another. Never forget your worth. Spend time with people who value you and who accepts you the way you are.


No matter how good you are to the people, some people will still criticize you.Just smile at them and move on. The biggest battle in today’s world is to be yourself. Not everybody will like you but the right people will. Never beg anybody for love,respect and attention. Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I love you”. It’s important to be nice to others but it’s more important to love yourself first. Self love and self respect are some of the main sources of happiness and when you are happy you become a better YOU.You are not in this world to live up-to expectations of others and you shouldn’t think that others are here to live up-to yours. The main culprit is our brain and our thoughts. Stop expecting that other people know what you are thinking.  The fact is that people can’t read minds and won’t know what you are thinking until you tell them.That cute guy/girl you see daily at the bus stop won’t know u love him/her until u speak out. Why are you creating imaginary situations in your brain and hurting yourself ? I will tell you what’s the worst thing that will happen ? He/she will reject you. According to me that’s the best thing for you. At least you will stop expecting. Stop expecting people to change. Everybody is different in this world.You either accept them the way they are or choose to live without them. Now try to refocus on things that truly matter to you !

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.”
― Alexander Pope

Change starts with you !

“India ranks 81st in Global Corruption Perception Index”,a headline popped up on my television screen while i was having my dinner.I didn’t care much about it that night.Next day, when I was on my way to the college my friend said “I don’t want to live in India. Everybody is corrupt here.India is a corrupt country.I was deeply moved by that statement of his.I went back home and started writing.I wanted to give this note to my friend and so did I.Next day I left my note in his bag which read 

“Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota,use banana padta hai”.Meaning-No country is perfect,we have to make it.Corruption is everywhere. Developed countries like China, Japan are also corrupt but it has not stopped their growth.where we went wrong?The thing we need to change is our perception. Government can only initiate policies and movements but they can’t change the perception of people.No person is perfect in this world.Even the moon has dark spots.Now you must be wondering that these things are daily published in newspapers and magazines,but nothing changes.Take some time and think about it once.Are you doing anything for change to happen ? You are just sitting on your couch,eating your pasta and waiting for change to happen.It will not happen on its own. You.Yes, you have to step up on the gas.If you came this far,a doubt will definitely come into your mind.Where to start ? I can help you with that thing.There is one old saying “It takes drop by drop to fill a pitcher”.You just have to implement small changes to see a bigger one.

Lets begin our journey with this topic which is most prominent in our culture.we had all read what happened to Gandhiji in south Africa because of his skin color . we got our freedom in 1947 but i still feel that we didn’t. Deep down we are still slaves of white people.It’s embedded in our brains that white is superior.If you’re white that means you’re beautiful and talented.How many black/brown actors you have seen in Indian movies and TV shows? we made black ugly and white beautiful.Stop being a racist and you will get a feeling of change.


Now,that you got the taste of how change feels like,go with the flow and think about these things:

You are going to some place on a bike without a helmet. A traffic police stops you. You take out a 100 rupee note even before he asks you anything. Later, you blame our system and write ‘#corrupt-India’ on twitter. Why didn’t you ask him for a challan?


We go to a government office and to move our file quickly we will pay the person 100 or 200 INR. Why don’t we stand in a queue and wait for our turn instead of paying bribe?



Why should we pay parking price if we go for a movie.Don’t we have tickets?


Do all companies shows proper accounts to government?


In India,teachers are forcing students to mug up things with zero knowledge.Do we need to protest for a change in our education system ?


In many super markets ,after purchasing items ,if the bill is 1200.2, we have to pay 1201. Where is 80 paisa going?This is where digitization comes into picture.Thanks to our prime minister modiji.


As an individual, we need to figure out what is wrong and get it corrected. There are a lot of challenges that India needs to face and conquer.Lot of things needs to be addressed and problems needs to be sorted out.It is our duty to do whatever we can to help India get to the number one place on the world stage.A great man once said Be the change that you wish to see in the world.Change starts with you.Can I count you in ?

Next day he didn’t come to college.After two days he showed up,gave me a tight hug and whispered in my ear,”Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world.Today I’m wise so I’m changing myself.Lets make India great ! Count me in ! “

Jai Hind !

Video song

Be the change



You’re under arrest !

“Wait ! What ?” A girl asked me after reading the title.I said “Yes! you heard it right! You’re under arrest.She nodded and said “but i didn’t do anything wrong”.I answered politely “Yes you did ! In an imaginary world”.She first took a sigh of relief and later got perplexed and said “Are you mad or what ? I am not able to understand anything”.I welcomed her into my house,took her hand and made her sit on the sofa.I sat on a chair in front of her and gave her my phone and said ” Read this and you will get a clear picture of the title”.As usual my soul dropped a message in the inbox of my brain that read “ha ha ! You are using a digital media to convey that message ?What an irony”.She put her legs on the sofa comfortably,grabbed a bowl of popcorn which was kept on the table and started reading:

Let’s go back in time.10 years ago how was your life ? you used to wake up in the morning ,go to school,come back home,eat,go out to play with friends,eat dinner,talk with your parents and sleep between them. Right?How beautiful was that. OK! Now come back.With whom do you spend most of the time now ? Ya ! the thing which you are holding with your hands right now is the answer,your “smartphone”.And why do you use it so much ?Ah it’s so easy don’t think too much spit it out.Yes,it’s the love of your life embedded in it “Social media”.

The girl looked at me,smiled and said “I think i got what you wanted to convey.Can i check my Instagram now?”.I smiled back and said “That’s the problem with present generation.You think that you understood everything but you don’t.After hearing that she made a gloomy face and continued reading.

It’s estimated that we touch our smartphones 2000 times a’s a lot,right ?The numbers show that how integral mobile devices have become in our lives, and how much we love them.Phone addiction and social media addiction are closely intertwined, especially for teenage people, who probably play pubg,text on whats-app or view silly memes on Instagram.A smartphone is an addictive device which traps a soul into a lifeless world full of lives.Yes,you decoded it right.An imaginary world.And what is a text message?Isn’t that just using a telephone as a telegraph? Dude,watch-out! We’re going backwards.The interesting thing about text messages is that, as a medium, it separates you from the person you are speaking with, so you can act differently from how you would in person.So the other person will never know,what your real intentions are.The problem is that teens are spending more and more time, not talking on the phone like they used to do in the past, but Instagram-ing and snapchat-ing. These are very dangerous pastimes because they give the appearance of social interaction, but they could not be further away from it.we think that social media will give us a boost,but it doesn’t—it makes us feel worse.Many of us have used social media in order to feel better about ourselves. The positive affirmation that we receive when someone likes or shares our post can be captivating.But trust me it’s a trap. Research shows that certain regions become activated by “likes and shares”, particularly the brain’s reward center.When a teenager receives a lot of “likes” their brains respond in a similar way as if they were winning money.The areas of the brain that showed increased activity are the same that are linked with gambling and drug use.The motivations that compel us all to seek warmth, food, comfort, heat, and sex, are the same pleasure-seeking behaviors that we can receive from using social media.Getting a share, liking a post, smiley faces, all are designed to influence behaviour, offering some form of reward to the brain while at the same time creating a craving for more.There is also a growing concern that social media is contributing towards “continuous partial attention”,
severely limiting people’s ability to focus. One possible explanation is that frequent use of social media results in multitasking, frequently switching between your tasks,ultimately adding to feelings of stress and anxiety.Everyone project their colorful life on social media pretending to be happy but behind the scenes their life is really dull.Another research showed that when phone of teenagers were confiscated,they showed abnormal behaviour like increased heart rate and blood pressure. They also felt a sense of loss.Interestingly, teens who spent more time doing sports, homework, socializing with friends in real life, and going to temples had a lower risk for both depression and suicide.Social Media is like a tasty Medicine. If dosage is right, the results are constructive. If misused, the results are destructive. It all depends on us how we are using it.Like all technology, social media is neutral but is best put to work in the service of building a better world.

She was so engulfed in my story that unknowingly she gulped whole bowl of popcorn.I don’t know what happened to her she came closer to me, gave a peck on my cheek ,waved a nice goodbye and went back to home.She didn’t search my profile on Instagram,didn’t ask for my number and met me in the park the next morning when i was jogging. That’s what i wanted.I wanted to meet her again in the real world not the imaginary one.I patted my back and said “good job boy ! You changed her.”

If you are reading this line,I assume that you are changed too!

Jai Hind !

Respect Female !

Yesterday night i was nostalgic and shoddy thoughts of little Asifa and victim of Delhi gang rape Jyoti Singh started coming into my mind.
So today i decided to put down those thoughts on paper.What was their mistake ?? Because they were born as a female ??
According to my perception the issue of molestation and rapes cannot be eradicated by giving brutal punishments to the accused.Every person should be given proper education.Proper education can solve this misery which has gulped northern India and slowly creeping towards south,east and west India.


New Doc 2018-04-29_1

A real man never hurts a woman.The woman came out of a man’s rib, not from his feet to be walked and not from his head to be superior, but from his side to be equal, under the arm to be protected and next to the heart to be loved.

Respect a woman because
You can feel her innocence in the form of a “daughter”.
You can feel her care in the form of a “sister”.
You can feel her warmth in the form of a “friend”.
You can feel her passion in the form of a “beloved”.
You can feel her dedication in the form of a “wife”.
You can feel her divinity in the form of a “mother”.
You can feel her blessing in the form of a “grandmother”.
Her heart is so tender, so naughty, so charming, so sharing, so melodious.she is a woman and she is life.

Dedicated to all the wonderful woman.Hope you won’t forget how special you are.

I’ll be very glad if these lines can change the mindsets of atleast few people in this beautiful country.

Jai Hind !

Herzlich willkommen to my blog !


Hello world,

Herzlich willkommen to my blog! Don’t worry Herzlich willkommen means “welcome” in German . My name is Natesh and i am from Delhi,the capital of India. I just completed my,Electronics and communication engineering from Hyderabad,India.So,our Indian societies have a common question for passed outs, “what’s next ??”.Here’s the answer for all those aunties and uncles. I am not going to become a billionaire or maybe one day i will but i will do what gives me happiness because i search for happiness in my passion not in money.Without wasting your valuable time.Time is very precious in today’s world. Let me come straight to the point now.All of you must be wondering what’s my blog is about,right ? I will be posting my best sketches on this blog.I will also post tiny comics to entertain you.I will feel very happy to share my life experiences.Last but not the least,i will also share thoughts which come into my mind when i don’t get sleep at night and thoughts that hit my mind when i am in cold showers,they are the best ones. Follow my blog for an amazing experience.I promise that i will live up to your expectations.Come back here soon, i bet you will have something to say !


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