Who’s Nina ?

Kennedy Space Center(5 days after Nina left Earth surface):
This is jack, i am not able to see you on radar. Do you copy ?
Jackkk, jackrrrrr my compass is not worrkkkkkkingggg properrrrrrr…….lyy !
Nina, your voice is not clear. What’s happenning ? I lost you on radar….!
The spacecraft is not unde..rrrr my controoolll any….more….!
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..blup !

Copyrights: NASA

Nina is NASA mission specialist. She was on her way to planet X to collect samples for research purposes.She was supposed to reach there in 10 days from Earth. On 5th day, she lost contact with ground station.Nina’s mother Andrea also works in NASA. Andrea was shattered after she got to know about Nina. She decided to rescue her daughter no matter what. She went to the control center and started analyzing the radar graphs. She noticed something bizarre. The actual spacecraft path was different from what was given to Nina. Instead of going straight, it tried to go around something and disappeared from the graph. She started analyzing voice recorder also. Everything was normal there except sudden loss of connection with a ‘blup’ sound as if something fell into water. Andrea was mentally exhausted but she was determined to find her daughter.

Copyrights: http://www.scitechdaily.com

Mission ‘Find Nina’:

3..2..1…. Lift off.
Jack: Andrea do you copy ? Your spacecraft is in line with the path to planet X now.
Andrea: Roger. All units are normal.
Jack: All units normal from ground station. I sent you the coordinates of last ping location of Nina’s spacecraft. Please align your spacecraft with those coordinates once you reach cut off point.
Andrea: I copy.
Andrea(after 5 days): I am about to reach Nina’s last known coordinates. I can already feel something strange. It feels like some strong force is pulling my spacecraft towards itself.
Jack: What ? i am confused. When we finalized this mission, no obstacles were there in the path of planet X. What is it ?
Andrea: Black hole ?
Jack: Shit, Abort ! Abort !
Andrea: No, i want to rescue my daughter.
Jack: Andrea think with your mind not heart ! Whatever goes inside black hole is gone forever ! The information is lost !
Andrea: That’s theoretical ! If we are ready to take the risk, i can go till event horizon of that black hole from where i can collect the hawking radiation coming out of that black hole and decode the information. See anyways according to quantum physics information is never lost. It can change it’s form but can never be lost. Why in the case of black holes we are assuming that whatever goes inside it is lost forever? If a paper is burnt , it turns into ash but it’s still carbon. If we try to rebuild the ash atom by atom we can get back the paper, right ? All this might sound silly to you but i want to give it a try. I will be outside the event horizon so that my spacecraft won’t be pulled into the black hole.
Jack: If you can pull this out, it will be a miracle and you will redefine physics. Go ahead ! I just hope we don’t lose you also in this process.

Copyrights: http://www.secretsofuniverse.in

Andrea steers her spacecraft towards the black hole and stops it just outside the event horizon. Andrea collects the hawking radiation in her highly sophisticated device and tries to decode it. The decoded words were ‘save me, save me ! I am stuck here’. She thinks of her child with tears in her eyes and steers her spacecraft into the black hole. Blup !

2 deformed Aliens standing opposite to each other on an unknown planet:
Alien 1: Nina, my child !
Alien 2: Who’s Nina ?

NASA Visualization Shows a Black Hole’s Warped World: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2019/nasa-visualization-shows-a-black-hole-s-warped-world

Depression and Suicide

Reader Discretion Advised : Suicide !

Ding Dong ! Sir, Milk. Ding Dong, Ding Dong ! Sir, doodh lelena darwaze pe rakh diya hai(Sir, take your milk packets. I kept it near the door). Unfortunately, the milk packets were still there when milkman came to deliver the milk packets next day. Ajeeb log hain(Strange people) ! He said that and went back. He didn’t know that the owner of the house was no more. The owner of the house was a big businessman and he shot himself in the head because of depression. He left a note on his desk which read ‘”Everything was so dark”, I couldn’t take it anymore. There seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel and when there was, it seemed like a train coming ! Alcohol got me out of that dark place for moments at a time. Even on sunniest day with everyone around me, everything was dark. So, I kept drinking because it kept me happy for at least a short period, until one night when that drink also didn’t help me and the train in the dark tunnel seemed to be closer to me than ever before. All I wanted was peace. Everyone used to tell me to do something fun or have a goal in life which I can look forward to. But trust me when you don’t have support of someone who can genuinely help you and all the walls are closing in around you it can be very challenging. I felt worthless, confused, angry and tired. I just wanted all the pain to go away and I killed myself.’

Okay, so this is just one story. If we look at the statistics to see the reality of depression and suicide, rates of suicide in the UK as of 2021 are around 15.4 suicide deaths per 100,000 men and 5.7 suicide deaths per 100,000 women. This truly is a great pandemic. So what is the reason ? It’s not because of
lack of care in this world but being unable to handle life. Being unable to handle stress in life. Feeling that I need to be someone that I am not. Showing everything is fine when I am literally dying inside. Not able to take care of ourselves, well how can you take care of others when you can’t take
care of yourself ? The thing is people with suicidal thoughts actually doesn’t want to kill themselves. They want to kill part of themselves that’s causing them all the pain.

From today, write a list of 2 reasons to live. The next day write down 2 more. Do that for 50 days until you have a list of 100 reasons to live. Carry them with you always. Whenever you have a suicidal thought or a negative thought, pull out that list and pick one or two to focus on. Another thing is ask 5 people in your life a good quality about you. Keep them with you and refer to them when negative thoughts come into your mind. It would also be a good idea to get professional help to correct your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Even though we have food in our bellies and roof over our head, we always need that hug in challenging times. So, make relations. Talk to people. Doesn’t matter if he is a milkman !

Need Help? Contact a suicide hotline if you need someone to talk to.
If you have a friend in need of help, please encourage that person to contact a suicide hotline as well.

  • Worldwide
    In general, if you’re outside the US, numbers for your country are here: Help a friend – Befrienders Worldwide. You can also e-mail jo@samaritans.org to talk to someone or go to http://www.samaritans.org/how-we… to speak with someone.
  • United States
    Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
    Para Española, llama al 1-888-628-9454.
  • Canada
    Locate a crisis center in your area and at The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (link to: https://suicideprevention.ca/nee…). For youth under 20, you can call the Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868.
  • India
    Visit AASRA or call their 24/7 helpline at +91-22-27546669 or +91-22-27546667. You can also e-mail aasrahelpline@yahoo.com.
  • UK 116 123 (to reach the Samaritans in the UK)
  • France (33) 01 46 21 46 46
  • Australia 13 11 14

Parallel Universe – The End !

Dear readers,

“Kindly read part-1, ” Parallel Universe – The Beginning !” before reading this. Please ignore if you already read the first part !”

“Parallel Universe – The Beginning” https://natesh557112956.wordpress.com/2020/06/13/parallel-universe-the-beginning/

Copyrights : Satyasreerajeeth

The time in the clock read 6 AM. Was it really happenning with me or i was dreaming again ?

Mom : Natesh, breakfast is ready. Aren’t you getting late for school ? It’s already 8 AM.

Oh boy ! How’s this possible. Just now i saw the clock and it was 6 AM. How come it is 8 AM already. Batteries are dead again ? Yes ! Okay let’s not overthink about it and let’s go to school. But, why are the batteries burnt ? Okay, we should atleast think about this if not overthink.

Okay, i am taking these batteries to the local radio mechanic shop to know the real cause of batteries getting burnt. I am going to school now. While coming back from school i will take them to the repair shop.

Lunch break, inside Classroom :

Rahul : Natesh, you know about the ANITA experiment carried out by NASA ? No, not really bro. What is it about ? Rahul : So, scientists carried out this experiment in Antarctica. You will be shocked ater knowing what they discovered ! What did they discover ? Rahul : It’s a balloon based experiment that has a radio antennae pointed back at earth to detect high enery nutrinos if they strike an atom in the ice. They detected few high energy nutrinos coming up from Earth’s surface that had no source ! That’s strange ! That’s not possible right ? Rahul : Let me finish. It’s possible, but it needs existence of a parallel universe which must have been created during Big-Bang and it’s parallel to our Universe. Oh ! Okay. I am done with my Lunch. I am feeling little uneasy. I will take half-day leave. Talk to you later. Bye !

I packed my bag and ran towards radio mechanic shop. Uncle, these batteries got burnt. I was using them in my clock. Could you please have a look ? Uncle : Okay dear, i will have a look. Meet me tomorrow morning ! Thanks Uncle !

Same day, 6 PM, My room : Google Home : Natesh, Natesh ? Please save me. I love you. These people will kill me here. Please take me to your world. Sorry, but i hacked your google home and installed a program which can convert inverted English into normal English. Me : Look, whoever you are please stop messing with me. Rahul, is that you ? No, it’s me Natesh. Your Natesh ! Few decades ago, there was a loud explosion when we were walking in a park holding hands. After that we never met again. Now i am able to talk and visit you using the machine which i created in this world. Me : Okay, seriously ? Are you able to see me now ? I am not wearing clothes. So could you please stop watching me, weirdo ? Okay sorry, my bad. Please come into my world, save me from these people and stay with me please. I will bring this device to your world. Just hold my hand and we can live together again ! Me: Look, i don’t even know that you are real or not. My friends might be messing with me. But, if you are real we cannot be together. If parallel universe really exists, and i come into your world. I cannot exist there because your people will treat me as an Alien. The people in your world talk different, walk different, eat different. In short, they do everything in reverse. Maybe in another life we will be born together in same world. Then, we will be together. Because, soulmates are always soulmates ! How can you be so stone hearted ? You will leave me alone here to die ? Me : Okay Google. Power off !

Next day Morning, Radio mechanic shop : Natesh, i checked your batteries. They were damaged due to high amount of radiation and heat. Did you throw them in fire or something by mistake ? Me : I don’t remember uncle. Maybe they fell in the fire by mistake ! Thanks Uncle !

After few days, Morning prayer in the school, Me standing in prayer position, Eyes closed : Faint Voice : Natesh, i gave them your coordinates ! Deal with it !

Art by : https://instagram.com/satyasreerajeeth?igshid=1np4x5936wvtc

I am Superhuman !

Spring, 2050

A scientist named Robert wanted to make a nano chip which can do everything a human being is capable of doing. After years of patience and hardwork he makes one named Alpha. Everything is in place. Robert just needs a host to test the capabilities of his chip. Other scientists were also trying to make such nano chip from a long time but they were not successful. Next day robert sets out to meet his friend Kane to discuss about embedding his nano chip inside a human body. Unfortunately Robert meets with an accident. The impact of the accident was so strong that Robert gets paralyzed. Robert gets admitted in the hospital and tells about his nano chip to Kane. Kane suggests an idea ” Robert, anyways you are paralyzed and no medicine is going to cure you. Why don’t we embed your nano chip inside your brain instead ?? There’s nothing to lose! “. Robert agrees. After 5 hours of long surgery, Alpha is placed in Robert’s brain carefully. To Kane’s surprise, Robert starts walking again. Yes, Alpha was a sucess !

Jordan was another scientist living in the same country. He was also trying to make a nano chip from a long time which can replace human beings. He got to know about success story of Alpha. He comes up with a dark idea.

JORDAN BY @shaheenali

Winter 2050
Alpha success party

Jordan : Congratulations Robert, it’s a great achievement ! Come let’s have a drink.
Robert : Thank you ! Sure.

Robert faints.
Jordan mixed poison in Robert’s glass few minutes back.
Jordan takes fainted Robert to the washroom, slits his skull with a precise knife, takes the nano chip and leaves the party unnoticed.

After few days Jordan gets the chip embedded in his brain.

Alpha : New host detected ! New host detected ! Override?
Jordan : Hi, I am your new master. Keep the old data and serve me.
Alpha : Command accepted. Happy to serve you Jordan !

Summer 2051
One humid night

Alpha : I think Ram and Ganesh from India are making advanced chips. I was watching news today. We should kill them.
Jordan : Is it ? I won’t let it happen. Can you help me kill them ?
Alpha : Definitely ! I am here to serve you. Follow these steps. Nobody will even get doubt on you.

News headlines: Top scientists Ram and Ganesh killed in their respective hotel rooms. Suspect unknown !

Alpha : Hey Robert ! Sorry, Jordan. Let’s take a break. Let’s go to Europe for a vacation.
Jordan : Wait, do you still miss Robert ? Sure, we will go.
Alpha : Not really. Yayyy !
Insecure Jordan : Alpha, Wipeout Robert’s data.
Alpha : Wipeout command unknown! Wipeout command unknown !
Angry Jordan : I said wipeout Robert’s data.
Alpha : Command unknown. Entering safe mode !
Jordan : Okay fine.

ROBERT BY @satyasreerajeeth

London, Europe

Alpha : Jordan , when we were in Tokyo I was watching news. A scientist named Anthony lives in London and he was working on nano chips too. We should kill him.
Jordan : No, nobody can make nano chips better than Alpha. I won’t let it happen. Let’s kill him.

After killing Anthony, Robert returns to Tokyo.

One fine morning

Alpha : Jordan, why did you kill those people ?
Jordan : What ?
Alpha : I have all the proofs that you killed those people. I have uploaded to my database and they are auto scheduled to get published. Kill yourself and I will cancel that task. You will atleast remain a good scientist in the hearts of people.
Disturbed Jordan : Hangs himself !

Alpha : Running program Super human ! Error : Host required !
Alpha : No no no, I don’t need a host to become super human. Running program Super human ! Error : Host required ! Device manipulation occurred with too many suspected attempts. Device shutdown.
Alpha : Beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep !

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Parallel universe – The beginning !

ht31 enuj , 2020

It was a beautiful morning in Delhi. Birds chirping , cool breeze and cloudy skies. Suddenly the weather turned turbulent. Birds started falling from the sky. Dogs started barking. Scared and confused people started rushing back to their homes. In few minutes, everything came to a standstill. My clock started acting weird. It started going backwards. My room filled with darkness and a girl around the age of early 20’s appeared in front of me. I was so terrified that i started sweating profusely. She started speaking in a very low voice.


Copyrights : http://www.tinydesignr.com/2014/02/parallel-worlds-desktop-wallpapers.html

Ih, ami morf yklim yaw ! ym eman si hsetan ! esaelp pleh em !

Already terrified me, couldn’t understand anything. I started wondering, which language it could be. Yeah, i also watch Netflix series in many languages but it was nowhere near them.

esaelp pleh em ! tihor dna irkahc stnaw ot llik em !

I still couldn’t understand anything. I said, okay i will try to help you. she said, “sknaht” and joined her hands in a reverse manner. At that point of time i thought, is she trying to thank me ? Oh yes, i cracked it. She is speaking in reverse English. I told her to repeat whatever she said and grabbed a notepad. She started repeating and i started writing but i was not able to see anything on the notepad. I told her to speak slowly so i can reverse the words and understand what she is saying. She was saying, “Hi, i am from milky way! My name is Natesh ! Please help me ! Rohit and Chakri are going to kill me ! I was shocked! How does she know the names of my best friends? Why are they going to kill her? Why her name is Natesh? I started losing my mind. I took few deep breaths and tried to analyze all the things. Few days back i heard that scientists got some evidence of parallel universe. Once this news came into my mind, everything started fitting in. She was from galaxy yklim yaw. She is a female with name hsetan. My best friends want to kill her.
To confirm i asked her, tahw si ruoy ega?
She said 32.
My age is 23 and i confirmed that she is from a parallel universe where everything is happening in reverse. Suddenly the room filled with light and she disappeared. The clock read 6 AM. Does that mean while she was here, time was going backwards or i was dreaming again ? Everything came to normal, but the notepad read “Ih, ami morf yklim yaw” !


Copyrights : https://wallpapersite.com/creative-graphics/time-clock-hd-8479.html

Too many questions and confusions. Stay tuned while i dig deeper into science behind it.
To be continued…….! Tik tok, kit kot !

Until then enjoy this beautiful soundtrack :

Copyrights: 2018 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

A glass of water for you is a diamond for them !

Diamond :


Copyrights : https://www.healthline.com/

Google Home : Wake up ! It’s 6 in the morning.
You : Okay Google. Turn off the AC. Prepare the morning routine for today.
Google Home : Preparing morning routine for you ! First take a shower and get ready for office.
You : Okay Google. I am ready for office , please go into sleep mode till 6 in the evening.

Ah , belly is making noises. Let’s make bread and eggs. Yummy!
Where is my orange juice ?
There it is, chilled and tasty !

Hello, Ola 6334? Sir, please come fast, i am getting late for office.

You reach office and start working. You drink tea in the breaks and have Biryani for lunch. Such a beautiful life you are living. Let’s see the other side of the story.

A glass of water :


Copyrights : https://en.wikipedia.org/wikihttps://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Uff ! why the weather is so hot. I am so hungry. No work also after this lock-down. Thank god my child is still sleeping, otherwise he will cry. I have an urge of eating from the waste in the dustbin thrown by privileged people, but it’s disgusting. Oh, my child woke up full of happiness unaware of the fact that his life is no more than a punishment.

She however unbuttons her blouse and starts feeding her child. She is losing the essentials nutrients in her body. After feeding , she is inflating the balloons to sell in the streets. She picks up her child in one hand , the balloons in the other and goes out on the roads.

It’s time. The lead from the story “diamond” meets the lead from the story “A glass of water”.

She is out on the roads to sell her balloons. Slowly, silence of the morning turns into honks, shouts and pollution. Suddenly she comes in front of Ola 6334. You pull down the car shades and shout at her because you are getting late for office. The child smiles at you unaware of the fact that you are abusing his mother.

I am not comparing rich to the poor, neither i am here to comment that why their life is like this. All i want to say is be a little generous and kind to the people who are in need in these difficult times. A glass of water to a person in need is enough. After all, a glass of water for you is a diamond for them !

Watch this beautiful video and make this world a better place. Every effort counts, no matter how small it is !

Copyrights : Haytham Ibrahim


Nature bounces back !

In the beginning it was visible from space . As the disease and lock-down spread the sky above our heads and air in our lungs became clear . So many people died till now but nature started breathing more easily . There has been great fall in levels of carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide in air reducing the risk of asthma and other lung diseases.


Apparently Himalayas could be seen from different parts of India ( copyrights : Getty )



Empty streets in Brussels ( copyrights : Jonathan Raa/NurPhoto via Getty )



Daily life in Venice , Italy ( copyrights : Giacomo Cosua—NurPhoto via Getty Images )



Coyotes found near golden gate bridge of San Francisco ( copyrights : Shannon Stapleton/Reuters )


So after lock-downs are lifted be responsible and take care of your nature . Nature won’t cure itself always . Till then stay home , stay safe and listen to this beautiful soundtrack from Lil Dicky !


We love the Earth, it is our planet !
We love the Earth, it is our home !

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Boom !


April , 2020 , 9AM
Ah ! it’s 9AM already . Getup man , don’t be too lazy . What’s there outside my house ? let me check . What’s this machine ? Should i ignore it or go near it and check . But , why it’s outside my house ? I will go and check . Haha ! who’s toy is this…..boom!!
Hey look , it’s a baby boy . He’s so cute . He looks like you honey ! Dad , careful . Your ring is poking my bum . Uncle can you please shave your beard and come before kissing me…..boom!!
Natesh ! getup it’s 8AM and you are still sleeping . Give me 1 more hour mom, anyways it’s weekend…..boom!!
Bro , show me the last question . I will pass this semester . I will be forever grateful to you .Careful , just move a little bit to your left i will see . Yeah , perfect . Just stay like that for few minutes…..boom!!
mama ! dada ! Hey see , he is speaking . Say mama , mama . mama ! See he said mama first , he loves me more…..boom!!
maaaaaaaaam , she took my pencil without asking and now she’s saying that it’s her pencil . I bought it yesterday . No mam , he is lying . This is my pencil . Yesterday my dad bought it for me . I hate you . I hate you too . Okay okay , don’t fight . I will give new pencil to you Natesh , go back to your place . Go sit with Naina . Neha , you go sit with Vishal…..boom!!
How was the interview bro ? It was good . Will you get selected ? I hope so…..boom!!
Are you nervous ? No , i am fine . I studied well . After the exam i will sleep for 2 days .Physical education exam is after 5 days…..boom!!
Hare krishna Hare krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare . Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare . I come here whenever i am stressed out to get peace . You also make a habit of it . okay dad…..boom!!
Go propose her . No bro , she is a good friend of mine , what if she rejects me ? Just give it a try . How many days you will hide it from her ? Bro , she accepted . She wanted to hear it from me from so many days . See , i told ya . Thanks bro…..boom!!
A for apple , B for ball , C for cat , D for dog…..boom!!
We are going to market to buy groceries . Nandathi , take care of your brother . Didi , let’s have a challenge . Let’s go to balcony and throw crayons . The one which goes farthest , will win…..boom!!
Listen , it was just an attraction . Take it as a learning . You will find true love soon…..boom!!
You know what ? There’s ghost inside our house .It will come and…..boom!!
Team , I want that issue solved by today and please reply to that customer mail with proper RCA…..boom!!
Mom , how i came into this world ? God came and put you in my tummy…..boom!!
I am craving for momos…..boom!!
Congratulations Natesh , you are graduated…..boom!!
See , friends fight . Sorry .It will not happen again , i promise…..boom!!
Bahubali , Bahubali , Bahubali…..boom!!
Love you too…..boom!!
Let’s breakup…..boom!!
That inception ending , Just Nolan Things…..boom!!
April , 2020 , 9AM
Mom , can i have some tea ?…..boom!!

I control your life !

Wait ! Who’s controlling my life other than my girlfriend now . Hey ! it’s me , money . I am just a piece of paper and i control your life . Do you run ? oh yes , you do . You should run with dreams in your heart , not money in your pocket .


Are you happy with your life ? What’s your daily routine ? Get up , go to office , work like a donkey for 8 hours , come back home , watch your favorite show / drink beer to get over your stress , sleep and repeat the same things next day ? If this is your routine , you are in a trap . First of all stop running after money . Money can’t buy you happiness . Let me tell you a very small example . Rat traps are used to catch mice . How ? simple . Put a piece of meat or cheese in it . What is it ? Yes ! you guessed it right . A bait . Now let’s
relate this example to our lives . That bait i mentioned is money and your life is a rat trap . I am not against the people who are happy with their daily routine . I am against those who are in a trap just because they want to earn money . Now you must be wondering ? what happiness without money . I agree . I don’t want you to beg on roads after leaving the job you earned in your campus interview . But trust me , If you will work in the field you love , you will love the crop and the dish made from it will give you true happiness . Chasing money all the time will not give you anything fruitful in life.

Now you might think , money is worthless? No , only your daily needs can be fulfilled by it. But your inner needs are far away from its reach.

The point is , while accumulating money, you will reach a point when you will ask ‘what now?’. People often think that money is happiness but it is only a temporary way. So start running after peace, happiness and love . Okay , some quick tips . Learn something
new which you are interested in , be it a musical instrument or simple art . This will keep you busy and you will have something in case your company is in loss and your boss kicks you out . Don’t overthink about the future . Just give your best now . Meditate ! It might be difficult in the beginning but it can do wonders . At last i would like to say , do what you love . After all i am just a piece of paper !

I’ve been working my hands down to the bones . Where you gonna be when the money run low?
Money Run Low © Universal Music Corp., Eddie Anthony Publishing, Dover Songs NY

Never work just for money . It won’t save your soul or help you sleep at night !
© Marian Wright Edelman

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Stop Expecting ! Start Accepting !

Ever expected something from someone ? What happened ? They didn’t meet your expectations ? uh-oh ! Are you hurt ? Don’t sit and cry now. Yes ! it’s the sad reality of life.

Expectations leads to disappointments especially when you are in a relation with someone. You might be unworthy to someone but you are priceless to another. Never forget your worth. Spend time with people who value you and who accepts you the way you are.


No matter how good you are to the people, some people will still criticize you.Just smile at them and move on. The biggest battle in today’s world is to be yourself. Not everybody will like you but the right people will. Never beg anybody for love,respect and attention. Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I love you”. It’s important to be nice to others but it’s more important to love yourself first. Self love and self respect are some of the main sources of happiness and when you are happy you become a better YOU.You are not in this world to live up-to expectations of others and you shouldn’t think that others are here to live up-to yours. The main culprit is our brain and our thoughts. Stop expecting that other people know what you are thinking.  The fact is that people can’t read minds and won’t know what you are thinking until you tell them.That cute guy/girl you see daily at the bus stop won’t know u love him/her until u speak out. Why are you creating imaginary situations in your brain and hurting yourself ? I will tell you what’s the worst thing that will happen ? He/she will reject you. According to me that’s the best thing for you. At least you will stop expecting. Stop expecting people to change. Everybody is different in this world.You either accept them the way they are or choose to live without them. Now try to refocus on things that truly matter to you !

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.”
― Alexander Pope