Depression and Suicide

Reader Discretion Advised : Suicide ! Ding Dong ! Sir, Milk. Ding Dong, Ding Dong ! Sir, doodh lelena darwaze pe rakh diya hai(Sir, take your milk packets. I kept it near the door). Unfortunately, the milk packets were still there when milkman came to deliver the milk packets next day. Ajeeb log hain(Strange people)Continue reading “Depression and Suicide”

Parallel Universe – The End !

Dear readers, “Kindly read part-1, ” Parallel Universe – The Beginning !” before reading this. Please ignore if you already read the first part !” “Parallel Universe – The Beginning” ““ The time in the clock read 6 AM. Was it really happenning with me or i was dreaming again ? Mom : Natesh, breakfastContinue reading “Parallel Universe – The End !”

Parallel universe – The beginning !

ht31 enuj , 2020 It was a beautiful morning in Delhi. Birds chirping , cool breeze and cloudy skies. Suddenly the weather turned turbulent. Birds started falling from the sky. Dogs started barking. Scared and confused people started rushing back to their homes. In few minutes, everything came to a standstill. My clock started actingContinue reading “Parallel universe – The beginning !”

A glass of water for you is a diamond for them !

Diamond : Copyrights : Google Home : Wake up ! It’s 6 in the morning. You : Okay Google. Turn off the AC. Prepare the morning routine for today. Google Home : Preparing morning routine for you ! First take a shower and get ready for office. You : Okay Google. I am readyContinue reading “A glass of water for you is a diamond for them !”

Stop Expecting ! Start Accepting !

Ever expected something from someone ? What happened ? They didn’t meet your expectations ? uh-oh ! Are you hurt ? Don’t sit and cry now. Yes ! it’s the sad reality of life. Expectations leads to disappointments especially when you are in a relation with someone. You might be unworthy to someone but youContinue reading “Stop Expecting ! Start Accepting !”

Change starts with you !

“India ranks 81st in Global Corruption Perception Index”,a headline popped up on my television screen while i was having my dinner.I didn’t care much about it that night.Next day, when I was on my way to the college my friend said “I don’t want to live in India. Everybody is corrupt here.India is a corruptContinue reading “Change starts with you !”