I am Superhuman !

Spring, 2050

A scientist named Robert wanted to make a nano chip which can do everything a human being is capable of doing. After years of patience and hardwork he makes one named Alpha. Everything is in place. Robert just needs a host to test the capabilities of his chip. Other scientists were also trying to make such nano chip from a long time but they were not successful. Next day robert sets out to meet his friend Kane to discuss about embedding his nano chip inside a human body. Unfortunately Robert meets with an accident. The impact of the accident was so strong that Robert gets paralyzed. Robert gets admitted in the hospital and tells about his nano chip to Kane. Kane suggests an idea ” Robert, anyways you are paralyzed and no medicine is going to cure you. Why don’t we embed your nano chip inside your brain instead ?? There’s nothing to lose! “. Robert agrees. After 5 hours of long surgery, Alpha is placed in Robert’s brain carefully. To Kane’s surprise, Robert starts walking again. Yes, Alpha was a sucess !

Jordan was another scientist living in the same country. He was also trying to make a nano chip from a long time which can replace human beings. He got to know about success story of Alpha. He comes up with a dark idea.

JORDAN BY @shaheenali

Winter 2050
Alpha success party

Jordan : Congratulations Robert, it’s a great achievement ! Come let’s have a drink.
Robert : Thank you ! Sure.

Robert faints.
Jordan mixed poison in Robert’s glass few minutes back.
Jordan takes fainted Robert to the washroom, slits his skull with a precise knife, takes the nano chip and leaves the party unnoticed.

After few days Jordan gets the chip embedded in his brain.

Alpha : New host detected ! New host detected ! Override?
Jordan : Hi, I am your new master. Keep the old data and serve me.
Alpha : Command accepted. Happy to serve you Jordan !

Summer 2051
One humid night

Alpha : I think Ram and Ganesh from India are making advanced chips. I was watching news today. We should kill them.
Jordan : Is it ? I won’t let it happen. Can you help me kill them ?
Alpha : Definitely ! I am here to serve you. Follow these steps. Nobody will even get doubt on you.

News headlines: Top scientists Ram and Ganesh killed in their respective hotel rooms. Suspect unknown !

Alpha : Hey Robert ! Sorry, Jordan. Let’s take a break. Let’s go to Europe for a vacation.
Jordan : Wait, do you still miss Robert ? Sure, we will go.
Alpha : Not really. Yayyy !
Insecure Jordan : Alpha, Wipeout Robert’s data.
Alpha : Wipeout command unknown! Wipeout command unknown !
Angry Jordan : I said wipeout Robert’s data.
Alpha : Command unknown. Entering safe mode !
Jordan : Okay fine.

ROBERT BY @satyasreerajeeth

London, Europe

Alpha : Jordan , when we were in Tokyo I was watching news. A scientist named Anthony lives in London and he was working on nano chips too. We should kill him.
Jordan : No, nobody can make nano chips better than Alpha. I won’t let it happen. Let’s kill him.

After killing Anthony, Robert returns to Tokyo.

One fine morning

Alpha : Jordan, why did you kill those people ?
Jordan : What ?
Alpha : I have all the proofs that you killed those people. I have uploaded to my database and they are auto scheduled to get published. Kill yourself and I will cancel that task. You will atleast remain a good scientist in the hearts of people.
Disturbed Jordan : Hangs himself !

Alpha : Running program Super human ! Error : Host required !
Alpha : No no no, I don’t need a host to become super human. Running program Super human ! Error : Host required ! Device manipulation occurred with too many suspected attempts. Device shutdown.
Alpha : Beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep !

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