Parallel Universe – The End !

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“Kindly read part-1, ” Parallel Universe – The Beginning !” before reading this. Please ignore if you already read the first part !”

“Parallel Universe – The Beginning”

Copyrights : Satyasreerajeeth

The time in the clock read 6 AM. Was it really happenning with me or i was dreaming again ?

Mom : Natesh, breakfast is ready. Aren’t you getting late for school ? It’s already 8 AM.

Oh boy ! How’s this possible. Just now i saw the clock and it was 6 AM. How come it is 8 AM already. Batteries are dead again ? Yes ! Okay let’s not overthink about it and let’s go to school. But, why are the batteries burnt ? Okay, we should atleast think about this if not overthink.

Okay, i am taking these batteries to the local radio mechanic shop to know the real cause of batteries getting burnt. I am going to school now. While coming back from school i will take them to the repair shop.

Lunch break, inside Classroom :

Rahul : Natesh, you know about the ANITA experiment carried out by NASA ? No, not really bro. What is it about ? Rahul : So, scientists carried out this experiment in Antarctica. You will be shocked ater knowing what they discovered ! What did they discover ? Rahul : It’s a balloon based experiment that has a radio antennae pointed back at earth to detect high enery nutrinos if they strike an atom in the ice. They detected few high energy nutrinos coming up from Earth’s surface that had no source ! That’s strange ! That’s not possible right ? Rahul : Let me finish. It’s possible, but it needs existence of a parallel universe which must have been created during Big-Bang and it’s parallel to our Universe. Oh ! Okay. I am done with my Lunch. I am feeling little uneasy. I will take half-day leave. Talk to you later. Bye !

I packed my bag and ran towards radio mechanic shop. Uncle, these batteries got burnt. I was using them in my clock. Could you please have a look ? Uncle : Okay dear, i will have a look. Meet me tomorrow morning ! Thanks Uncle !

Same day, 6 PM, My room : Google Home : Natesh, Natesh ? Please save me. I love you. These people will kill me here. Please take me to your world. Sorry, but i hacked your google home and installed a program which can convert inverted English into normal English. Me : Look, whoever you are please stop messing with me. Rahul, is that you ? No, it’s me Natesh. Your Natesh ! Few decades ago, there was a loud explosion when we were walking in a park holding hands. After that we never met again. Now i am able to talk and visit you using the machine which i created in this world. Me : Okay, seriously ? Are you able to see me now ? I am not wearing clothes. So could you please stop watching me, weirdo ? Okay sorry, my bad. Please come into my world, save me from these people and stay with me please. I will bring this device to your world. Just hold my hand and we can live together again ! Me: Look, i don’t even know that you are real or not. My friends might be messing with me. But, if you are real we cannot be together. If parallel universe really exists, and i come into your world. I cannot exist there because your people will treat me as an Alien. The people in your world talk different, walk different, eat different. In short, they do everything in reverse. Maybe in another life we will be born together in same world. Then, we will be together. Because, soulmates are always soulmates ! How can you be so stone hearted ? You will leave me alone here to die ? Me : Okay Google. Power off !

Next day Morning, Radio mechanic shop : Natesh, i checked your batteries. They were damaged due to high amount of radiation and heat. Did you throw them in fire or something by mistake ? Me : I don’t remember uncle. Maybe they fell in the fire by mistake ! Thanks Uncle !

After few days, Morning prayer in the school, Me standing in prayer position, Eyes closed : Faint Voice : Natesh, i gave them your coordinates ! Deal with it !

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