I control your life !

Wait ! Who’s controlling my life other than my girlfriend now . Hey ! it’s me , money . I am just a piece of paper and i control your life . Do you run ? oh yes , you do . You should run with dreams in your heart , not money in your pocket .


Are you happy with your life ? What’s your daily routine ? Get up , go to office , work like a donkey for 8 hours , come back home , watch your favorite show / drink beer to get over your stress , sleep and repeat the same things next day ? If this is your routine , you are in a trap . First of all stop running after money . Money can’t buy you happiness . Let me tell you a very small example . Rat traps are used to catch mice . How ? simple . Put a piece of meat or cheese in it . What is it ? Yes ! you guessed it right . A bait . Now let’s
relate this example to our lives . That bait i mentioned is money and your life is a rat trap . I am not against the people who are happy with their daily routine . I am against those who are in a trap just because they want to earn money . Now you must be wondering ? what happiness without money . I agree . I don’t want you to beg on roads after leaving the job you earned in your campus interview . But trust me , If you will work in the field you love , you will love the crop and the dish made from it will give you true happiness . Chasing money all the time will not give you anything fruitful in life.

Now you might think , money is worthless? No , only your daily needs can be fulfilled by it. But your inner needs are far away from its reach.

The point is , while accumulating money, you will reach a point when you will ask ‘what now?’. People often think that money is happiness but it is only a temporary way. So start running after peace, happiness and love . Okay , some quick tips . Learn something
new which you are interested in , be it a musical instrument or simple art . This will keep you busy and you will have something in case your company is in loss and your boss kicks you out . Don’t overthink about the future . Just give your best now . Meditate ! It might be difficult in the beginning but it can do wonders . At last i would like to say , do what you love . After all i am just a piece of paper !

I’ve been working my hands down to the bones . Where you gonna be when the money run low?
Money Run Low © Universal Music Corp., Eddie Anthony Publishing, Dover Songs NY

Never work just for money . It won’t save your soul or help you sleep at night !
© Marian Wright Edelman

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