Parallel universe – The beginning !

ht31 enuj , 2020

It was a beautiful morning in Delhi. Birds chirping , cool breeze and cloudy skies. Suddenly the weather turned turbulent. Birds started falling from the sky. Dogs started barking. Scared and confused people started rushing back to their homes. In few minutes, everything came to a standstill. My clock started acting weird. It started going backwards. My room filled with darkness and a girl around the age of early 20’s appeared in front of me. I was so terrified that i started sweating profusely. She started speaking in a very low voice.


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Ih, ami morf yklim yaw ! ym eman si hsetan ! esaelp pleh em !

Already terrified me, couldn’t understand anything. I started wondering, which language it could be. Yeah, i also watch Netflix series in many languages but it was nowhere near them.

esaelp pleh em ! tihor dna irkahc stnaw ot llik em !

I still couldn’t understand anything. I said, okay i will try to help you. she said, “sknaht” and joined her hands in a reverse manner. At that point of time i thought, is she trying to thank me ? Oh yes, i cracked it. She is speaking in reverse English. I told her to repeat whatever she said and grabbed a notepad. She started repeating and i started writing but i was not able to see anything on the notepad. I told her to speak slowly so i can reverse the words and understand what she is saying. She was saying, “Hi, i am from milky way! My name is Natesh ! Please help me ! Rohit and Chakri are going to kill me ! I was shocked! How does she know the names of my best friends? Why are they going to kill her? Why her name is Natesh? I started losing my mind. I took few deep breaths and tried to analyze all the things. Few days back i heard that scientists got some evidence of parallel universe. Once this news came into my mind, everything started fitting in. She was from galaxy yklim yaw. She is a female with name hsetan. My best friends want to kill her.
To confirm i asked her, tahw si ruoy ega?
She said 32.
My age is 23 and i confirmed that she is from a parallel universe where everything is happening in reverse. Suddenly the room filled with light and she disappeared. The clock read 6 AM. Does that mean while she was here, time was going backwards or i was dreaming again ? Everything came to normal, but the notepad read “Ih, ami morf yklim yaw” !


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Too many questions and confusions. Stay tuned while i dig deeper into science behind it.
To be continued…….! Tik tok, kit kot !

Until then enjoy this beautiful soundtrack :

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6 thoughts on “Parallel universe – The beginning !

  1. Good morning and thank you very much for this novel recreation of what might a collision (or should we say conjunction) of two parallel universes eventually look like. Keep us informed about your fantastic “weird experiences” as we enjoy your humorous perspective of something that is otherwise very, very serious.Nice touch bringing a girl on board as we can “create” a nice film in our minds. As Jean Luc Godard, a Nouvelle Vague film director, said: ” to make a good film you only need a girl and a gun.” Are you introducing “the gun” in your next installment? Arrivederci.


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