A glass of water for you is a diamond for them !

Diamond :


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Google Home : Wake up ! It’s 6 in the morning.
You : Okay Google. Turn off the AC. Prepare the morning routine for today.
Google Home : Preparing morning routine for you ! First take a shower and get ready for office.
You : Okay Google. I am ready for office , please go into sleep mode till 6 in the evening.

Ah , belly is making noises. Let’s make bread and eggs. Yummy!
Where is my orange juice ?
There it is, chilled and tasty !

Hello, Ola 6334? Sir, please come fast, i am getting late for office.

You reach office and start working. You drink tea in the breaks and have Biryani for lunch. Such a beautiful life you are living. Let’s see the other side of the story.

A glass of water :


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Uff ! why the weather is so hot. I am so hungry. No work also after this lock-down. Thank god my child is still sleeping, otherwise he will cry. I have an urge of eating from the waste in the dustbin thrown by privileged people, but it’s disgusting. Oh, my child woke up full of happiness unaware of the fact that his life is no more than a punishment.

She however unbuttons her blouse and starts feeding her child. She is losing the essentials nutrients in her body. After feeding , she is inflating the balloons to sell in the streets. She picks up her child in one hand , the balloons in the other and goes out on the roads.

It’s time. The lead from the story “diamond” meets the lead from the story “A glass of water”.

She is out on the roads to sell her balloons. Slowly, silence of the morning turns into honks, shouts and pollution. Suddenly she comes in front of Ola 6334. You pull down the car shades and shout at her because you are getting late for office. The child smiles at you unaware of the fact that you are abusing his mother.

I am not comparing rich to the poor, neither i am here to comment that why their life is like this. All i want to say is be a little generous and kind to the people who are in need in these difficult times. A glass of water to a person in need is enough. After all, a glass of water for you is a diamond for them !

Watch this beautiful video and make this world a better place. Every effort counts, no matter how small it is !

Copyrights : Haytham Ibrahim


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