Nature bounces back !

In the beginning it was visible from space . As the disease and lock-down spread the sky above our heads and air in our lungs became clear . So many people died till now but nature started breathing more easily . There has been great fall in levels of carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide in air reducing the risk of asthma and other lung diseases.


Apparently Himalayas could be seen from different parts of India ( copyrights : Getty )



Empty streets in Brussels ( copyrights : Jonathan Raa/NurPhoto via Getty )



Daily life in Venice , Italy ( copyrights : Giacomo Cosua—NurPhoto via Getty Images )



Coyotes found near golden gate bridge of San Francisco ( copyrights : Shannon Stapleton/Reuters )


So after lock-downs are lifted be responsible and take care of your nature . Nature won’t cure itself always . Till then stay home , stay safe and listen to this beautiful soundtrack from Lil Dicky !


We love the Earth, it is our planet !
We love the Earth, it is our home !

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4 thoughts on “Nature bounces back !

  1. I was just wondering today. How the lockdown has actually effected the environment. Previously I used to hear the birds chirping only during my early morning runs ,but now I can hear them all day long. Ironically, the race which is actually on the top of food pyramid is afraid and in hiding, while, the races who used to hide are out and living their lives like they did a few centuries ago. This do tell us that mother earth is for everyone! So stop bullying them and live together. I hope all the guys could follow the message delivered by the blog! A great thought delivered by my friend! Enjoy the lockdown there is much more that you can appreciate by just keeping your eyes and ears open.

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    1. Exactly ! Life will be so much better if we start taking care of our nature and treat all the species the same way as we treat human beings . Let’s respect nature and save our mother earth . Thanks for the support bro !


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