Change starts with you !

“India ranks 81st in Global Corruption Perception Index”,a headline popped up on my television screen while i was having my dinner.I didn’t care much about it that night.Next day, when I was on my way to the college my friend said “I don’t want to live in India. Everybody is corrupt here.India is a corruptContinue reading “Change starts with you !”

Herzlich willkommen to my blog !

Hello world, Herzlich willkommen to my blog! Don’t worry Herzlich willkommen means “welcome” in German . My name is Natesh and i am from Delhi,the capital of India. I just completed my,Electronics and communication engineering from Hyderabad,India.So,our Indian societies have a common question for passed outs, “what’s next ??”.Here’s the answer for allContinue reading “Herzlich willkommen to my blog !”