Change starts with you !

“India ranks 81st in Global Corruption Perception Index”,a headline popped up on my television screen while i was having my dinner.I didn’t care much about it that night.Next day, when I was on my way to the college my friend said “I don’t want to live in India. Everybody is corrupt here.India is a corrupt country.I was deeply moved by that statement of his.I went back home and started writing.I wanted to give this note to my friend and so did I.Next day I left my note in his bag which read 

“Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota,use banana padta hai”.Meaning-No country is perfect,we have to make it.Corruption is everywhere. Developed countries like China, Japan are also corrupt but it has not stopped their growth.where we went wrong?The thing we need to change is our perception. Government can only initiate policies and movements but they can’t change the perception of people.No person is perfect in this world.Even the moon has dark spots.Now you must be wondering that these things are daily published in newspapers and magazines,but nothing changes.Take some time and think about it once.Are you doing anything for change to happen ? You are just sitting on your couch,eating your pasta and waiting for change to happen.It will not happen on its own. You.Yes, you have to step up on the gas.If you came this far,a doubt will definitely come into your mind.Where to start ? I can help you with that thing.There is one old saying “It takes drop by drop to fill a pitcher”.You just have to implement small changes to see a bigger one.

Lets begin our journey with this topic which is most prominent in our culture.we had all read what happened to Gandhiji in south Africa because of his skin color . we got our freedom in 1947 but i still feel that we didn’t. Deep down we are still slaves of white people.It’s embedded in our brains that white is superior.If you’re white that means you’re beautiful and talented.How many black/brown actors you have seen in Indian movies and TV shows? we made black ugly and white beautiful.Stop being a racist and you will get a feeling of change.


Now,that you got the taste of how change feels like,go with the flow and think about these things:

You are going to some place on a bike without a helmet. A traffic police stops you. You take out a 100 rupee note even before he asks you anything. Later, you blame our system and write ‘#corrupt-India’ on twitter. Why didn’t you ask him for a challan?


We go to a government office and to move our file quickly we will pay the person 100 or 200 INR. Why don’t we stand in a queue and wait for our turn instead of paying bribe?



Why should we pay parking price if we go for a movie.Don’t we have tickets?


Do all companies shows proper accounts to government?


In India,teachers are forcing students to mug up things with zero knowledge.Do we need to protest for a change in our education system ?


In many super markets ,after purchasing items ,if the bill is 1200.2, we have to pay 1201. Where is 80 paisa going?This is where digitization comes into picture.Thanks to our prime minister modiji.


As an individual, we need to figure out what is wrong and get it corrected. There are a lot of challenges that India needs to face and conquer.Lot of things needs to be addressed and problems needs to be sorted out.It is our duty to do whatever we can to help India get to the number one place on the world stage.A great man once said Be the change that you wish to see in the world.Change starts with you.Can I count you in ?

Next day he didn’t come to college.After two days he showed up,gave me a tight hug and whispered in my ear,”Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world.Today I’m wise so I’m changing myself.Lets make India great ! Count me in ! “

Jai Hind !

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Be the change



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11 thoughts on “Change starts with you !

      1. They just want to sit idle and wants to see the change ! That’s not how a country develops.Ya coming to tax payers,if everyone will contribute,societies will definitely develop.


    1. Come on ! This was the comment I was waiting for 😉 I still remember the way you used to scold when I used to throw plastic bottles on streets ! You changed my mindset buddy 😎


  1. Amazing post👌👌 we need Change, it’s important topic to discuss. Even education system is unaffected & that’s horrible thing🤧
    Keep spreading awareness 👍


  2. Your writings always brings some kind of awareness.. personally I get a lot to pick up from and everytime I go through ur post I get this thought like “this post ought to be read by as many as possible”…
    Please continue to write.. 👍👍👍


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